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We've been in the nursery and landscape business for 45 years; 17 of those years at our current location.

We stock hundreds of trees and thousands of shrubs on our state-of-the-art sales lot. All trees are drip irrigated and shrubs are watered overhead. Tree sizes range from 2" to 10" caliper and shrubs from 1 gallon container to 6-foot ball and burlap.

We sell to the public and trade, by appointment only. For appointments, call Micah, our sales manager at 859-227-1776 or the office at 859-299-3555

~ Our Product ~

Sixty acres of plants grow and mature at Landscapers Paradise. This abundant resource allows our plant material to be available for the best rates in the region. We grow a wide variety of deciduous and evergreen trees, these vary from small ornamental trees to large shade trees that are over 20 feet tall. We also carry a variety of flowering shrubs, hedges, and grasses. These immaculate products in conjunction with our expertise and passion for Landscape Design are certain to give you the dynamic landscape you desire.

~ Our Motivation ~

Our mission is to provide exceptional plants through quality control and thoughtful management practices. The nursery is integrated with drip line irrigation to water small container stock and planted material in the field. The container stock is arranged thoughtfully to insure the best care and service while allowing customers to easily identify and find the perfect plants to complete their landscaping. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide our customers with quality plants at affordable prices. We service in-state and out-of-state customers.

Greg Spivey, Owner 


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