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Landscapers Paradise offers a wide variety of professional services.

Landscape Design

The design is the first step in planning any landscape project. After consultation, we develop a plan taking into consideration your wants and needs. This could include site grading, hardscapes, and custom landscape planting. As a grower, we know the characteristics of the plants better than the industry. We have over 75 years combined experience and knowledge in plants and design.


We offer professional maintenance with highly experienced maintenance personnel. This includes seasonal trimming, pruning, mulching, weed control and fertilizing. As a grower, we know proper techniques for pruning and maintenance of plants.


Our designers lay out the planting for our professionally trained installers. As a grower, we understand plant needs, spacing and location. We prefer using larger plants with proper spacing to enhance the techniques for pruning and maintenance of plants.


At an additional fee, we offer delivery of plants purchased at our nursery. 


All plants at our nursery are irrigated. Knowing the importance of irrigation, we suggest you install irrigation for your plants to ensure proper growth and ease of watering. Kentucky's Summer and Fall seasons are typically dry, therefore, an irrigation system protects your investment while promoting plant growth.

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